Hotmail email services are most widely used email services as it provides free webmail accounts for every person to advantage from every person to advantage from. If the user has more issues like Hotmail login problem than one account then there are chances that they forget the email password. In case the user forgets their password and want to have Hotmail password recovery then they can simply recover the password by using the windows live help. There are many other ways to recover it, if the user finds difficulty in interpreting the methods and want Hotmail technical support then they can go for our Hotmail helpline number where our team will help them instantly.

Hotmail password recovery

Steps that user can follow to recover the Hotmail password-

  • When user wants to login into Hotmail they need to provide their Hotmail or live ID and below the password field they will find “forgot your password?” which will take them to Hotmail password recovery
  • When the user is redirected to the recovery page then they will be asked to provide Hotmail ID and then captcha. When they have entered then they have to click on ‘continue’. Further they will be taken to reset your password where they will be asked to provide exactly from where they want to get the password reset instructions. It’s better to select an alternate e-mail ID where they can login. The users will receive the password instructions in the email ID that the users have provided.
  • Then users have to follow the instruction provided in that email id where they will be a link, in which they have to click.
  • Then the users will be taken to password change page where user needs to provide the new password.
  • And then the confirmation is received by which they can change the password that has been changed to the desired one and now they can login in their hotmail email account.

Another method by which user can have Hotmail password recovery are

  • User has to open the sign in page where they can recover Hotmail password. If hotmail accounts were deactivated due to inactivity can be activated if it is as long as one year since the user has last login if it has been over a year since last logged in, then the emails will be deleted and the name will be available for someone else.
  • Hotmail accounts that were manually deleted can be recovered for 30 days then they have to click on “can’t access your account?” link below the sign in button this will take the user to the password reset page then they should select “I forgot my password” and click on “next”. They should enter their hotmail email address in the”Microsoft account” field. After these users have to fill out the CAPTCHA underneath and click next. If the user is unable to read that then can click new to get a new one or click on audio to have read it aloud.
  • If user has another email address attached to the account then the user can have the reset link sent to email address.
  • If the users don’t have any of these then they can choose “I don’t have any of these” option this will open a questionnaire by which Microsoft will verify the identity. After filling out the questionnaire they should enter the email address at which they could be reached, and then they have to answer all of the questions provided to their best so that their account is verified. This is the only way to recover the account if the users don’t have secondary email address.
  • If the user has an email address attached to their account then they will receive the password reset link then they will be allowed to enter a new password by which they can log in their Hotmail account.

If the user is not able to access their account even by following the Hotmail password recovery steps then they can contact our Hotmail customer service team where their problems will be solved or consult Hotmail contact number.