Today we know that there are various email services in the market which had made the communication process easy. Hotmail was initiated when the email services were catching up fast. It was founded by two co-founders and later was acquired by Microsoft. When you have problem while using the Hotmail you can contact in our Hotmail technical support phone number where you will get solution for all such issues. In this article we will be discussing various steps by which you can configure and set up Hotmail in your android phone or i phones.

Hotmail Technical Support Phone Number

For using Hotmail on android phone you have to first of all open the Microsoft outlook and then select the Microsoft outlook and click on the file tab and then you will find an add account button which is under the ‘account information’ section then you need to click on ‘add account‘and then you will find a new window will come and in that you have to provide your name, email address and password. Once you provide the details you have to click on next then you will have to install the outlook connector by clicking on “install now” and once the installation process is completed you have to run and continue after selecting the software license terms. This will help you to install the outlook on your system but if you have difficulty in interpreting these steps you can contact in our Hotmail technical support phone number for help.

There are many common issues which causes hindrance in using the Hotmail account. One of the most common problems is login in the Hotmail account. You have to make sure that you are entering correct username and password. If you have forgotten the password then you can recover it by taking help from the Hotmail technical support phone number. If you realize some inactivity in your account you should understand that your account has been account hacked. In that situation you should immediately change the password so that the hacker loses access of your account. If you find the steps of resetting the password difficult to interpret then you can contact our team who will help you to reset the password.

In order to get solution for any issue related to Hotmail you have to contact in our Hotmail technical support phone number. Here our team has such executives who have experience to solve any issue instantly. We are available twenty four hours throughout the year so that we can help you wherever you require it.

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