Various circumstances give rise to the situation of recovering the password of the outlook account. The most common situation is that you have forgotten the password. Whenever you forget the password you are left with the option of recovering it. Another cause may be that your account has been hacked by a hacker in that case you have to seek help of outlook customer service company for recovering the hacked account. And the last cause is that you may have made multiple attempts of login in your account then your account gets blocked. Irrespective of the cause, our team is always present to help you with proper guidance.

Outlook customer service

There are mainly two ways to recover the password one is through alternate email address or through the phone number linked to the account. Another method is by answering the security question that you have chosen while setting the password. All these methods involve complete set of steps in case you are able to understand those steps then help of Microsoft technical support team.


  • In the login page you will find “forgot your password?”, if you click on it you will be taken to the steps of recovery. In case you are unable to find this link then take help of Microsoft customer service
  • As soon as you are taken to the recovery page then you have to input the email address and the captcha. Outlook customer service team helps you to understand the captcha in case you fail to understand it.
  • Once you enter those details, then select “continue”. After that you have to choose through which medium you want to receive the recovery instructions. If you fail to understand this step, then call in Microsoft support number.
  • Then you have to provide alternate email id in which you will receive the instructions which will help you to recover the password. If you don’t have any such email id, then simply call us in Microsoft helpline number. They will give you the appropriate suggestion.
  • You will get the instructions with a link in your alternate email address. By clicking on that link you will be taken to password recovery page where you have to provide the new password. Outlook customer service team helps you in finding the link. But for contacting them you have to call in outlook support phone number.
  • Once you receive the confirmation that your password is changed then you should again try to login in the account. Our outlook customer service team helps you with the login process. If you are able to login that means you were successful in recovering the account. Once you are unsuccessful means you have to again try with the steps. This time Microsoft outlook support will remain beside you.

Even after following each step accurately if you are unable to recover the password then you must take help of outlook customer service team. They will definitely help you with proper guidance.